The no bs skincare truth about under eye wrinkles and how to finally deal with them.

I am halfway along on my 31st year of life. As a whole, the beginning of my 4th decade has been surprisingly kind to me. To risk sounding cliche I remember as a teen thinking that by the time I was 30 I would certainly have it all figured out. It would be the milestone that would mark true adulthood and the end of the idealized carefree '20s. While I am nowhere close to having it all figured out I can confidently say my life has made a pleasant turn for the better since blowing out those 30 candles. Late Friday nights have been traded for early Saturday mornings among many other shifts and while at times I feel bittersweet to accept that time is passing there are sweet rewards in the personal development that only time and experience have been able to give me. In particular, confidence has been a hallmark development for me. I just don't seem to care as much what people think of what I do or think. I put less stock in seeking others' praise and acceptance and instead my approval is what gets me excited. Even still I can't help to notice that time is starting to leave its mark on my physical body as well. Most obviously to me on my face. As I have gotten older the extra padding, call it baby fat or college beer pong and pizza weight, who will ever know, has pretty much disappeared and while I appreciate a more defined jawline the crow's feet and under eye wrinkles are not as welcome.


Its a part of life that as we age under eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and dry skin around eyes begin to show up. Maybe you have searched the aisle for the best drug store skin care products or how to use coconut oil for wrinkles all to be disappointed. Frankly, I want to be a source of no bs skincare education for you. While you may or may not find a solution to completely banish under eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles in drug store products or anywhere for that matter there are proven ways to improve the appearance of them. I will share with you the 2 ways I have found to drastically improve the look of these early signs of aging on myself.    


  1. Neuromodulators

This is an injectable drug administered by a doctor or nurse. The purpose is to relax and softens the skin by restricting facial muscles from contracting. Botox is likely the first neuromodulator to come to mind. These drugs typically last me about 3 months and I find it to be very effective. Expect to pay anywhere from $200-$800 to treat forehead wrinkles and eye wrinkles. I pay about $300 to get the forehead wrinkles between my eyebrows known as the "11's" the horizontal lines across the top of my forehead and the crow's feet that show up when I smile. The price for you will depend on the experience of the injector, the number of areas treated and how advanced the wrinkles are. Often it is recommended to inject both dermal fillers and a neuromodulator to achieve the desired look.  


  1. Serious Skin Care Products.  

For a less expensive and non-invasive way to improve the appearance of under eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles topical skin products, my are my daily go-to. I always make sure to use a hydrating serum with peptides to firm the skin and hydrate the dry skin around my eyes. My favorite is the Orchid Skin Co. Eye Corrector Serum. I also use the Full Circle Eye Repair by Circadia for a more serious skincare solution to aging skin around my eyes.  If you are not familiar with Circadia the science behind their products and philosophy will blow your mind.  As a skin care professional I am a huge believer in the power of peptides and these products are packed with them. I love that the set includes 2 separate products, 1 for day and 1 for the night. The benefits leave nothing to be desired. 

-Contains natural herbs for constricting capillaries which will help to lighten undereye circles

-Peptides inhibit muscular contraction, reducing the formation of wrinkles.  

-Antioxidants prevent the destruction of collagen.

-Soothing, anti-inflammatory, protective against environmental assault.

-Peptides stimulate, repair and increase collagen formation and minimize the formation of new lines.

-Vitamin A strengthens support tissue, aids in growth and repair of the epidermis, stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen and thicken the skin, improving firmness and elasticity.

-Works to decrease fluid build-up and de-puff.


That's it! Pretty simple right? A trip to my Botox lady a few times a year and a minute or two each day to use some high-quality skincare. I hope this honest, no bs skincare solution to forehead wrinkles and under eye wrinkles gives you some food for thought. While topical products will improve the look of wrinkles lines and movement are a natural part of life. The more I focus on acceptance of that fact the more peaceful I seem to feel about leaving my twenties behind.   While I want to stay looking attractive and as young as I can for as long as I can I don't necessarily dislike all my smile lines. Its taken a lot of fun and happiness over the years to get them after all.

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Remember, with simple skincare science and an open heart you can be happy with the skin live in.


Till next time,

xoxo Lauren

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