About Us

I want to personally thank you for visiting my site and for placing your trust in Orchid Skin Co.


In 2016 I started the business that is now Orchid Skin Co. to provide a specific beauty service that would allow my customers a way to change something that no longer worked for them. I knew what I had to offer could make it possible for them to spend less time in front of the mirror each morning so they could confidently focus on flourishing in the most important parts of their life.


Today the Orchid Skin Co. mission has continued to grow with our own line of skin care products, an expanded menu of services and a dedicated team to serve an ever widening customer base.


At Orchid we believe beauty is more than skin deep and are proud to support various local charities and organizations that focus on bettering the lives of others in our community. This is made possible by your continued support.


It is my sincere hope that what we offer will inspire you to live the life you truly want. I believe beautiful, healthy skin is a great place to start. 


with gratitude,

Lauren Hum